Duvallco crab traps

Crawfishing Traps

Crawfishing Traps

What is the best trap for crawfish? The Ultimate Guide to Crawfish Traps Facebook Twitter Youtube Catching crawfish can be tricky without the right trap. Many enthusiasts don’t realize that different traps work best in various environments. This guide dives deep into the world of crawfish traps.¬†One key aspect to consider when catching crawfish is […]

Aqua Tech Crawfish Traps


Duvallco Aqua Tech Crawfish Traps are made in Louisiana, using premium materials, with the professional fisherman and trap-builder in mind. Duvallco Aqua Tech Crawfish Trap Exclusives: Pre-drilled reinforced rod hole, saving you valuable time and money. Pre-drilled reinforced hog ring holes. Stack able, saving floor space. Competitors top: 500 per pallet. Our top: 1680 per […]

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