Duvallco crab traps

5×7 Football Crab Float

Duvallco 5×7 Football Crab Float is made from only the best durable materials that last.

5×7 Football Crab Float Features:

  • Professional-Grade Construction: Crafted from a premium blend of HDPE and Nylon, this 5×7 crab float is built to endure the challenges of the sea. Engineered with precision, it stands the test of time, meeting the high standards expected by professional fishermen and trap-builders.
  • Durability Redefined: The use of a superior HDPE and Nylon blend ensures not only durability but also longevity. Your investment in the 5×7 Football Crab Float pays off in seasons of reliable service, making it an essential tool for any serious crabber.
  • Effortless Installation: No need to wrestle with complicated setups. This float is designed for easy installation, allowing you to spend more time crabbing and less time fussing with gear.
  • Optimal Escape Hole: Featuring a 2 3/8 escape hole, it aligns with the needs of both professional and recreational crabbers. This thoughtfully engineered feature ensures a smooth catch while adhering to the highest standards.
  • Louisiana State Regulation Compliant: Rest easy knowing that your crabbing gear is not just top-notch but also compliant with Louisiana State Regulations. Fish with confidence, knowing you’re in full accordance with the law

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