Duvallco crab traps

L Rod

Introducing the Duvallco Standard Crawfish L Rod, an indispensable tool for professional crawfish enthusiasts. This L Rod, designed to be used with a clip, is crafted with precision using 5/16 diameter mill galvanized steel – setting the standard for durability and reliability.

L Rod Key Features:

  • Efficient Design: Engineered for seamless use with a clip, ensuring an efficient and secure trapping setup. Streamline your crawfishing process with a tool that combines simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Galvanized Steel Construction: Crafted with high-quality 5/16 diameter mill galvanized steel and built to withstand the demanding conditions of crawfishing. Rely on a tool that holds its own in the rugged bayou environment.
  • Versatile Stock Lengths: Available in 25″, 27″, 30″, and 36″ stock lengths, this tool provides versatility for various trapping setups and preferences.
  • Customization Available: Tailor your gear to perfection. Duvall Co offers customization options, with other lengths and sizes available upon request. Get the L Rod that fits your unique crawfishing requirements.

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